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HD has been erected out of the exigency of the moment and has endeavored to venture for the security our children. HD will give our children an opportunity to make the world in their image and bring the jobs in the emerging economy to people of the community. HD has revived and reinvented the American Dream. There is no more need for the rose to sprout by coincidence out of the cracks of the concrete. Now that rose can sprout from rich soil and lean towards the nutrition of the sun.

General Management

The General Management of HD have been initiated to the level necessary to bring HD from conception to start-up, to live performance, economic growth and sustainability. Very few can doubt the need for a new and high-level learning platform. The General Management of HD understand our children’s future is in peril. Since our children’s future is on the line, the elasticity and longevity of our community is also in peril.

Can our children count on you to fight for their future?

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HD Revolution

HD is a revolutionary idea on multiple levels. From the grade of early childhood education to PHD, HD will essentially replace the brick and mortar institutions that are currently in an accelerated state of decline and an exponential condition of state of failing our children. HD learning platform transforms education into learning. HD learning platform give teachers the option to stop conditioning or training the minds of our children and do what they became a teacher to do imprimis, and that is: teach students how to liberate their minds and free their imagination with their thinking performance.

The Thinking Performance

HD will push the thinking performance of the student’s mind beyond its comfort zone to move pass the laws of physics into a new and uncharted frontier that we have yet to even contemplate or experience in our lifetime. HD will press the time and space continuum of the thinking performance and rewrite the model of a successful student and teacher relationship. We are done with mediocre or what should be, how it always has been or even what is possible. The trajectory of HD is the impossible venture. Even if we miss our ultimate mark, at least we will ignite the dimensional shift of the supererogatory calculation of thought.

The Ex-Factor Of HD; How Are We Different

One of the many differentiating factors of HD from all countervailing systems of education is that HD can uplift the entire community. For instance, HD has the capacity to prepare the young adults in the community for new job training opportunities. If we think about the current shortfall of skill workers in America in various industries, without doubt or contradiction, HD has the capabilities of embracing the revitalization of the entire community.

Please donate to the cause and help us finish
our social mission the project!

Teacher’s Compensation

There will be no cap on the teacher’s ability to be compensated for their knowledge, experience, talent and hard work. HD will provide teachers with the financial mechanisms to meet and surpass their current salary on their full-time job. Our goal is to provide full-time employment and give teachers the ability to make as much money as they can endeavor.

HD Social Mission

HD will put our students in a position to win in life. Our mission is to reduce poverty, reduce crime, reduce recidivism, reduce literacy, and boost the community’s capacity for entrepreneurship. HD is confident that we can solve these dire statistics in one generation by offering high level learning from early childhood education to the PHD level. HD will also offer learning courses for persons with disability. Parents will be able to track their child’s progression all the way to the PHD level. HD know parents support our efforts because they are not so long removed from the continuous orchestration of mis-education.

Removal Of The Financial Impasse

HD will remove the obstacles of the financial impasse to access high learning. The factors of race, gender, ethnicity, financial status, where you live or who you know are no longer factors in learning. Our cost structure is formulated on one paramount ingredients. (1) HD will provide learning programs based on the affordability metric of a single mother with three children, making minimum wage. HD learning programs and minimum monthly tuition will provide cost savings with a wraparound non-profit service for the intake of the donations of the school equipment and school supplies (e.g. computers, internet service) that students may need in order to achieve. HD learning programs will allow parents to spend less money on clothes, travel and childcare cost.

Competitive Advantage

At HD, our students will learn not just a high-level curriculum, but they learn the proverbial system that governs their lives. Therefore, the students can properly maneuver through this proverbial system and win in life. HD has surpassed training, conditioning and memorization of the mis-education system. By the transformation of the education into learning; thus, our job is not to condition (educate) our students. HD will teach our students the fundamentals on how to learn to be successful and win in life. HD is the future of learning, but the future begins within the now-time.

HD has surpassed education, conditioning and memorization to develop a new learning platform that will level the playing-field.

Welcome to the HD Revolution!

Please donate for the future of our children by helping us finish our social mission platform.

Go HD Team GO!

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