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Communications Performance Covert

For the Law Firm of the Common Law.

:syllabus of this class is with the quantum-language.

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For the helping mission.

For the people of the community face many-legal and administrative-constrictions. For the community is withering by the prejudice of the lack of the fair-distribution of the resources. For these treacherous-narratives, detrimental-obfuscation and voluminous-incarceration-rates, -C.-P.-C. -rise per the community’s-cry for the enlistment of a divine-service for the people. For the members of this firm are learning-women and men per the level-necessary for the securing of the liberty and thwarting-subversion of the people’s-private-claims-and-authorities.

For the statistics seem-insurmountable [un]til such dimensional-shift of the consciousness takes-place. For this divine-path, C.-P.-C. -utilize many-components for the changing of this dread-trajectory. For the foundation of the vision for the social-mission is with the economic-blue-print for the change of the condition of the community. For the C.-P.-C. -formulation of an economic-vision is with the sole-purpose for the betterment of the lives and financial-well-being for the people of the community.


For the C.-P.-C. -services are solely based per the needs of the community. For the C.-P.-C. -services are engineer for the evisceration-of-the-legal-framework (legal-theory) and dismissal of the legal-matter. For the time-period before the trial, the client has many claims for the creation of a scheme for the dismissal of the controversy. Per the following focus, -C.-P.-C. -delivers-value for the quantum-monetary-value of the client:

Administrative-tax-[a]ssessment/ Civil/Criminal-tax-trial

Traffic-law, vehicular-transportation-law

Contracts-creation and analysis






Indictment (charging-document)





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Communications Performance Covert

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