Traffic Ticket

Traffic Ticket

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  • Two-Volume-Set.

  • $99 for the Two Volumes Hard-Cover.

  • Pre-Orders Available/ book release (July 2021).

Traffic Ticket is the most revolutionary and insightful book about traffic enforcement that gives ordinary people instructions on how to perform their power of the travel-performance without the State’s suspect classification of the privilege to drive

  • Learn how you can drive without a driver’s license. 

  • Learn how traffic laws actually works.

  • Learn how to effectively talk to a police officer during the stop at the side of the road. 

  • Learn how to communicate in the language a traffic officer understands.

  • Learn how not to get a traffic ticket during a stop at the side of the road. 

  • Learn the limitations of traffic enforcement?

  • Learn the information you need to sue a traffic officer.  

  • Learn how to unravel the perjury of the traffic officer’s dash cam, body cam video.  

  • Learn the tricks traffic officers use in order to beat them at their own game. 

  • Learn how to stop getting traffic tickets. 

  • Learn how to stop the compulsion for you to go to traffic court. 

  • After reading this book, you should be able to repel a traffic ticket, unravel the perjury violation in the officer’s police-report and their witness statement, avoid traffic court and travel per the power of your divine autonomy. Purchase Your Copy Now!

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